Fickle Filmania

I’m going to throw you some real crappers here, but please know that they are being delivered seriously sugar coated. Mmmmm. Hungry? For my information at least, if not for a crap cake with a glittery frosting on top. I found some facts out today. Facts, I tell you! I read an article which … Continue reading

Oooh You Little Saucepot Sarsons!

It’s been a while. But I’m BACK. And I am bringing sexy back. To vinegar. I mean, truly, what better way to BOOM back into the bloggersphere than by talking about VINEGAR. Yes. VINEGAR. I am here to tantalise you and titillate you with VINEGAR. But in a smooth and subtle … Continue reading

Truth Tennis

The British; enjoy copious amounts of tea and moaning about the weather, do not floss their teeth regularly enough and lie constantly so as not to offend, cause concern or create a scene. Our stiff upper lips are the sliding door waiting to SLAM shut on any morsel of truth that tries to bust … Continue reading

The Penguin Army On The Underground

It was my birthday recently. As a friend’s 5 year old handed me a birthday present, she asked me how old I was. “Why don’t you guess, my darling!” I sang, beaming at her. I was happy! I’d had a huge lie-in! I was going to have Wagamama’s for lunch! It was my … Continue reading