Kids TV today eh? *makes a pffff noise, rolls eyes up at sky and does a silly smile*

Today on “Everything’s Rosie”… 1) she didn’t shower when she got up from bed, or brush her teeth. Bad hygiene. 2) she drove the 100 yards from her house to the playground. No wonder kids are obese. 3) she put a bug in a jar to “look after over night”. … Continue reading

If you are depressed…please can you fill in this form? Cheers!!! *Smiley face and thumbs up*

I was once given a questionnaire on depression…which made me laugh. Maybe this was the plan and I wouldn’t be depressed anymore! Bingo bango. It was after my first baby was born and I just spent 10 minutes telling the health visitor how truly turd I felt and how I … Continue reading

Cheerio pox! Hello sleeping, eating, pretty, cheerio eating baby.

Cheerios have become synonymous with the stench of sh*t in our house. I can no longer tell the difference between cheerios and poo. Husband walks into kitchen at breakfast time; “whats that STINK?! Has Alex shat himself?!” “no darling, thats breakfast”. They just smell the same….going in and going out…. … Continue reading

Mary Poppins is about to put the children in the never-ending carpet bag

The recovery period has started. I’m not sure I like it. I have a little feeling I may be having my chain yanked here…just a guess, you know? Ed’s prior ability to communicate in sentences has been replaced with single words, strung out in wingey voices.  “Tiiiieeeereeed”. He put down his … Continue reading