Don’t Speak

Things never to say…   1)      To me when I am on a diet; “Wow! You look as if you’ve lost weight!” “Do I?!” *instantly unwraps and inhale 8 mars bars* (Why is that?)   2)      To children who are playing nicely together; “Wow! You guys are playing nicely together!” I got … Continue reading

Don’t say the C-Word in front of the D-E-N-T-I-S-T

Nothing makes you want to scream “ARE YOU FRICKIN’ KIDDING ME?!” more than when you walk in to an office to find that the medical professional you are due to see would have been a foetus when you left High School. Tempted to suggest the little man-child puts down the drill … Continue reading

Undiagnosed Children

Tomorrow is Undiagnosed Children’s Day. Last night, my friend Hannah (so many Hannah’s – great name, great name) asked me if I would be able to write a post about it. Hannah doesn’t blog herself and she wants to raise some awareness about tomorrow, about Undiagnosed Children in general, and … Continue reading