Judgey McJudgerson

I am, in general, a really nice person. Promise. But there have been several visual attacks on my eyeballs lately which have resulted in this blog. 1) Tracksuit bottom wearers, when wearing tracksuit bottoms is not necessary. More specifically when people who wear them have massive genitalia. In a nut shell (pun intended) … Continue reading

The snip

“If I could turn back taaaayyyyyme! If I could find a waaaaaaaaaay!” Powerful words once thunderingly neighed out by rock goddess Cher. Herself a true hair bear, sporting many a hair do of epic proportions. Yes, this song of hers must surely be about having just had a bad hair cut. … Continue reading

As The Song Goes – “Smile, though your head’s exploding”

Whilst Ed (really badly) feigned surprise unpacking his toy bag after our holiday; “Oh look! That toy is from the holiday home! Oh and that’s from the holiday home. OH AND LOOK! THAT’s from the holiday home!” etc etc ETC (sense the tone) I was (actually and honestly) shocked and (totally and unfakingly … Continue reading