Newsie Newserson Flashes You

Once again, my kids went away on a mini-break without me. Once again, I was sat in bed at 2pm on a week day, blogging, having had a breakfast of left over chilli and then potato smiley faces for lunch washed down by a massive glass of wine. Once again feel free … Continue reading

The Others

A friend of mine told her friend that she was becoming a childminder. And wasn’t that great? And why didn’t her friend think about doing it too? Her friends response? “Elaine. I don’t even like my own kids sometimes, let alone someone else’s”. I laughed hard at this. I went … Continue reading

Bear Naked

A Thursday. Just a normal Thursday. As I was gently encouraging the children to eat their dinner; “If I get to number 5, Alex, then I am just going to throw it all in the bin, do you understand me?…1…2…3…4… Alex! Just eat it!! Stab it with your fork! JUST STAB THE COURGETTE … Continue reading