8 Reasons why (most) gingers hate summer

1) We are accused of starting nuclear wars and also causing planes to crash. It goes something like this; “Sccchhh, er Heathrow, witnessing a nuclear explosion over Dorset. Do you copy? Over. Sccchhh” “Er, nope, Quantas, that would be the sheer goddam white reflection from the legs of Hannah Smith. She notified us … Continue reading


Warning – this blog comes with a lot of gloating. Our Father’s Day this year (note the “our”, me not having a penis and all) was AMAZING. Not only am I getting some posh scran as a finalist at the MAD Blogging Awards in September, I was also given a … Continue reading

Indentity Theft

I feel a bit lost. I am having a bit of an identity crisis. I left my office 5 years ago with a massive bouquet of flowers, some stolen stationary and no intention of ever going back. As I looked out over my new exciting horizon all that was in front … Continue reading