About Me

My blog is a funny mummy blog. It is about kids, no money and skirts being caught in the back of knickers without realising.
I’m Han, I am 31 and have two wee sprites of 3 and 1. These boys are my world, the icing on the cake to a fab and well, just brilliant normal life with my husband. I stay at home and drag the boys up, with a wing and a prayer, a lot of deep breaths and a lot of wine.
I would like to say again, the key word here, to this blog, is NORMAL.
Oh and wine.
I have been blogging for a year, first on a main blog site and then moving across to here in March after a few months of things getting bigger and bigger. I wanted a place where I could have more freedom to do things my way, and found it here.
I blog twice a week – quality not quantity for me. I don’t want to disappoint the fabulous loyal readers who check out my posts and then forward them on. I blog for me, but I also blog for them.

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