Humans And Bananas

Halloween has inspired me! I saw a small child dressed head to toe in fancy dress oozing blood and gore and guts (all together now – awwwwww), stumbling about in the street at 4pm like a well seasoned drunk and it got me thinking….Like the human and the banana, kids … Continue reading

Interventions And Opinions

Some people love an argument. I don’t mean the fireworky extravaganza that is accompanied by a cup of tea being slammed down on the kitchen counter, a black cloud of stormy RAGE, tinged with the after-storm glowy hint of smugness that you are of course right; “I TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS MEAL OUT WITH MY PARENTS … Continue reading

Buzz buzz

It’s been a while since my last blog. I’ve defrosted a meal and Scooby Doo is on. I have a limited amount of time before the children realise it does not take an hour to reheat a spaghetti bolognaise and they hunt me down to shout at me until I perform … Continue reading