What with Poundworld having a sale, “Megabank” stating “NO MORE STUPID BANK RULES”, and Asda offering items for 50p or £1, I feel that this recession isn’t affecting me a single jot! Who needs safe toys, financial investment security or nutritional food? Not me!

Some little gems Asda are offering, on offer;

For 50p;

11 mini pork cocktail sausages (11 unappetising midget-fallic tubes of fat and no pork whatsoever)/ friji milk thick (mmmm, full fat milk for the poor)/ jammie dodgers/ meatballs in a tin (always screams nutrition in a can to me!) and a gristle and cow finger nails pie. Sorry, a” steak and kidney puff pie”.

For £1;

A weight watchers chicken curry (as I type I laugh out loud at this. How is that even possible? Guessing they are taking the weight watchers bit to extreme and just serving an empty box worth a quid? Us fatties wont be happy about that! Oh well, we can buy 22 pork cocktail sausages with our quid instead). Oust Spray. This is probably the best deal of all as will be needed after all the pure fat listed above.

Good old Asda. “Saving you from a healthy lifestyle every day”.

Do feel free to post your own findings and ridiculous sales offers in the comment section. Always up for a laugh!

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2 Responses to Bogof

  1. LV says:

    If you want a proper bargain, Tesco are offering broccoli at £1.04 a pack, or an amazing £2.50 for 2 packs :))

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