It’s been a funny old week

Monday Ed wakes up poorly. Smudge goes to work. I become poorly. New bed arrives for spare room. Call Smudge home from work as Ed ill, I’m ill and Alex pacing the front room like a caged animal. Roaring. Actually roaring. Husband is a trooper and comes home. I go … Continue reading

My Big Ginger House

Challenge, extended. By “My Big Ginger House” I don’t mean a house full of gingers. I may be 3/4’s there in succeeding to have a house full of gingers, but no, I am not swapping my husband for Eric Stoltz (DAMMIT! Why God, why not?!). This is a blog which is 100% inspired/ shamelessly … Continue reading

Healthy eating is not always good for you

Certain foods need to come with a warning. They need to be wrapped in bright red and yellow packaging, with a skull and crossbones sticker on the front and should only be available on prescription. Weaning your child? Perhaps have a friend’s kid or a niece/ nephew/ grandchild to stay? … Continue reading