Immunise? Yes. Simples.

Someone asked me something recently which made me think I had not heard them correctly. And when they repeated their question it took a lot of effort for me to remain calm and I had to remind myself to take a breath before answering. Because they were asking for my advice … Continue reading

It’s HannahTime. How many times can I say the “M” word?

Ba ba ba, ba ba, baaaaa (my kids) cant touch this! My husband recently went away for a few days and walked mountains for tits. You know this already of course. But he also went away and took our kids with him, dropping them off at Granny and Grampy’s house for … Continue reading


        and of course Tits. Whappas. Boobs. Bosom. Breasts. Fun bags. Nips. I may actually have a new name for mine, My Chis Packhams. Right now, as I type, my husband is at the beginning of climbing THREE MOUNTAINS in 24 HOURS. I cannot begin to describe … Continue reading

This one is for all you Momma’s out there *cue some funky Barry White music*

Slight detour on blog city this week. I was going to do another (hopefully some of you consider me to be anyway *crosses fingers and says a little prayer*) funny post but…well…a friend of mine just had a baby. And she aint in a funny kinda mood right now. What she … Continue reading