Stage 1 – Conception. Stage 2 – Back up required in the form of people and information. Stage 3 – book an ante natal class

Henry asked me to do a guest blog for him. *Mini mexican wave!*. And here it is. Click on this link to find it and he will welcome you with open arms and a cuppa. You will hear about Ulrika’s breasts…. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Subscribe to … Continue reading

It’s not High School Musical. So it’s OK. Ok?

My life is a glamouress glitzy shabang of flashiness! Totes amazeballs crazily chic! A swooping rollercoaster of a ride, dazzling me everyday with… ROMANCE! (Husband hands me bag of near empty Bombay mix “there you go. Get your laughing tackle round that”). MONEY! (running to the front door like a Labrador puppy … Continue reading