Someone suggested a white shirt for the choir uniform? Me and my post-2-children-jelly-belly dislike this idea. Black = all the way. Or a sack.

            Or a tummy tuck. I would like a tummy tuck. It is a difficult fact to swallow, no pun intended, but after two kids my stomach muscles are split beyond the ability to reform naturally. I have a mummy tummy. I suck it in. It does no good. And … Continue reading

I am going to either implode or explode. I am not sure which yet.

It was only a Wednesday evening and I felt like I was going to implode or explode. I had yet to decide which. By the weekend I was Hans Solo. It got so bad that my (amazing) husband took the kids back to his parents house for the weekend so I could have … Continue reading

*chica finger wiggle* yuh uh, bet yo ass I will phone tesco customer services and complain if you park in the kiddie spaces tesco employee (ps, wearing your tesco employee t shirt was a bit of a give away bright spark)

It is reeeeaaaaalllly annoying (*screws up eyes and face to emphasise this point*) when people sans kids park in places for people con kids. Incredibly. A pet peve. A massive pet peeve. If my pet was an elephant with a fat problem who was a giant then that is my … Continue reading