Duvet Wars

doona one final FINALThis is what’s been going on in my house lately. But I know I am not Han Solo in the fight. I take comfort in the thought that I have support around the globe. Indeed, this is an internationally recognised duvet war.

Woman vs Man. Man vs Man. Woman vs Woman.

Only one side can win the fight.


1) Communication between allies breaks down. Respect is lost. Trust is a now a mere dot on the horizon.

please god

doona one final FINAL

2) The catalyst. The uber hot, million degree, oh-so-cosy and just gosh darnit toasty roasty amazing catalyst.



3) The harsh, freezing conditions of war (for him).

doona 2

4) Torturous sleep deprivation and the utter to-the-bone exhaustion of battle (for him).

doona sleep


5) Victory! The Duvet War has been won! (by me).



Clever, serious people with frown lines, knitted tank tops, library membership and offices in their own homes will write books about it.

The end.


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14 Responses to Duvet Wars

  1. Alex says:

    where did you purchase said duvet from, I NEED ONE or maybe TWO!!!!

    • Hannah says:

      Asda’s! Under twenty quid and it’s Amazing! I ripped open the vacuum wrapping and it BURST into life like Indian Jones’ life raft from Temple of Doom!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Do you all sleep in your swimmers ???!

  3. Caro says:

    love the ginger wig! x

  4. hurrahforgin says:

    High five! How much were the naked playmobil?! i need some!

    • Hannah says:

      Free. Borrowed from a friend. But man alive, there is a market for x rated playmobil figures for blogs, right? Am I right? Am I?! AM I?! (am I weird? 😉 )

  5. bonnicroft says:

    blow the duvet I want to know how come your bedroom is SOOOOOO tidy ? xxxxx

  6. There is a solution to being too hot under the winter duvet – sleep with the window open. Even now ours is open a little, sorted!

    • Hannah says:

      That IS nice. I like it because it makes my bedtime water all chilly – like elves come in and night and pop ice cubes in it for me.

  7. Duvet wars here all the sodding time. Fabulously funny post again. x

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