Ginger rocks

Ginger boys rock. I am the proud mother of two ginger boys, and am a ginger lady myself. *rock horns*.

Recently I read this in an article and it made me laugh out loud. In shock.

Sperm bank turns away ginger sperm

Quote – “There isn’t the demand in most of the world”. How dreadfully sad. But more of that in a moment. Lets focus on the humour first – I love that it sells like “hot cakes” in Ireland. “ooooh we lurv a bitta rud spurm hure!”. I imagine a family of Irish people sat around – the young woman proudly tells the matriarch and patriarch they are to expect a new grandchild. “OH SEAMUS! Oh sweet Mahry mudda a Gad what wudderschful news! *clasps hands* Is a gaynjah? Dad ya choose the gaynjah spurm?”.

But women not having a preference for red headed men? That can not be true! Lets take a moment to appreciate the red headed men among us;

Eric Stotlz.

I was always going to marry him. Whether he liked it or not.

 Ahhhh Robert Redford. Even now when he is older than Jesus and bald like an egg, he still chooses to be a ginger by wearing a (piss poor) ginger wig. He waves the ginger flag with gusto.

Others would be Rupert Grint, William H Macy, Scott Grimes, Simon Pegg…the list goes on.

Some people only marry and procreate with other ginger people and live together in a little community. I imagine they have old Smash Hits photographs of Mick Hucknall on their mud hut walls.

Pro’s and con’s.


  • if the men listed above were living in that community I would be there like a shot.
  • It’s nice to be part of a group. And in a place where even “carriers” can be accepted.
  • your brother wont tell you that you are the only ginger one in the family and so must be adopted. Git.


  • A community of red heads? All arguing and being firey and get riled up? No thank you. Brunette husband is very much needed in our house to be the voice of reason and calm everyone (myself included) down. It is a complete cliche but very true. He is the calming plinky plonky music and trickling mellow water to our firey hell and damnation screaming fits of rage.
  • You couldn’t do as I used to to in primary school, when I used to tell boys my hair was made of gold and if they married me they would be rich forver. Suckas!! In the ginger community that wouldn’t cut the mustard with Eric or Scott – they have their own headful of riches. Dammit!
  • Old Smash Hits posters of Mick Hucknull on the wall *shudders and throws up in to the bin*

Now I know it wont always be a bed of roses for my boys growing up. Like me, I am sure at some point they will be bullied but I hope to God it doesn’t go to the point of being spat at like I was (seriously). But, kids are horrible to each other. Fact. They will seek and find something to bully anyone about. Chubby, spotty, wrong trainers, ginger…

My boys will come home one day and someone will have said something about ginger hair and everything else that goes with it. Do the collars match the cuffs? Ooooh feeling a bit hot headed are we? And I hope they do this. I hope they smack them in the face and ask how their red head is now? No, I don’t. I will be teaching them to raise their big ginger heads up high and proud and be happy with their ginger selves.

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12 Responses to Ginger rocks

  1. Emily Evans says:

    I once watched a programme on bbc 3 I think called “fuck off Im ginger” it was with the little cook from ‘big cook,little cook’ on cbebbies. It was really interesting and showed how ginger females were seen as massively attractive (lucky you Han), but ginger males were seen as weak (not so lucky Ed and Alex)

    As always Han, a lovely, interesting read. Although I am rather shocked and saddened that someone would spit at anyone for the colour of their hair xx

  2. Emily Evans says:

    ps other hot ginger males – Prince Harry bit young but defo cute. Robert Kazinsky – no explanation needed defo HUNK!!

    • PRINCE HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD I FORGET HIM! ARG! I would happily have him in my little colony of gingers. “have” being a key word.
      Ps) lovely use of the word “hunk” Em x

  3. Sarah says:

    I still cant see Eric Stoltz on TV or in a film and not think of you Han ;0) Takes me back to high school just thinking about it. Also the line ‘our firey hell and damnation screaming fits of rage’ is possibly one of the greatest blog lines I’ve ever read. Keep up the good blogging work. I can see your blog bites are going to be invaluable to me over the coming months…. xx

  4. a up cuz, excellent blog as always, as you know our dec is ginger and at the moment he has been quite lucky, but i do know for a fact that he does the opposite to what you are teaching your kidlings, he kicks the shit out of them lol, love to you all xx

  5. Russ says:

    You may dye our hair! But you’ll never take our FREEDOM!

  6. James Lucas says:

    Great blog as ever. Ed Sheeran, Gingee and Puss off Shrek and Chris Evans are other prominent male gingers but the ladies seem to have the majority stake. Tori Amos, Florence Andthemachine, Bonnie Raitt, Slutty Spice, Pat Benatar, Tiffany Ithinkwerealonenow, Agent Scully and Amelia Pond (Dr Who). Also that carpet munching retail guru who hates queuing in shops – Mary Potter? Porter? Toya Wilcox or Carol Decker maybe?

  7. Neil Greggor says:

    I always thought that ginger girls were the most attractive when I was growing up, but of course it is Brunettes now ( 🙂 )

  8. bonniecroft says:

    bet your mum thinks your are amazing and the rest of the world doesnt know what they are missing by not being ginger

  9. Sam Dolan says:

    Bonnie Langford and Cilla Black. Oh, no, wait, that was yesterday’s blog.

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