28 Hours Later


Car journey back from the Tesco weekly shop. Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 is interupted by terrified and incredibly OTT shrieks from the back of the car of


Alex is infected. With a sicky bug. The car stinks like a parmesan cheese factory.


No signs of infection spreading despite kids constantly licking each other and sharing sippy cups and spoons. High fives.


Sense of security increasing. No indication that infection has broken the perimeter of the lounge (last known location of Alex puking). Perimeter secure.

Wednesday 9pm


*SIRENS!* *SCI-FI MOVIE BLEEPING ALARM!*. Vomit is EVERYWHERE! Child number 2 chunders 3 times, passes out. Peace is restored.

Wednesday Midnight

*SIRENS!* *SCI-FI MOVING BLEEPING ALARM!*. Vomit is EVERYWHERE. Man down! Man down! The Captain is infected!

It was pretty bad. I hate to be smug about being the best at being ill, but I got it the worst. It floored me. My default and previously successful “GET AWAY FROM US YOU BITCH!” attitude to illness


had been gazumped. Han was out of it.


One day on and I feel better than I did, but to be honest, I would have benefited from a second day “off work”. But, I am a stay at home mum. I don’t get sick days. My husband took yesterday off because he had to. If we both worked full time and our childminder was sick, one of us would have to take time off. It so happens, I am the childminder. He would have had to have gone back to work today regardless, but turns out, infection did him in too, about 3am last night.

If I had a 9-5 job myself, and the kids were in childcare, I could have taken a second sick day off paid employment and gotten over this bug completly. But I don’t have a 9-5 job so, I had to no choice but to look after 2 kids as well as I could and remember it was important to put on clothes and not wear pj’s to leave the house. We are in quarantine so whilst the boys are running round the lounge healthier than they have been in weeks, they are still barred from playschool and public play areas. I am still weak like kitten but I need to entertain them somehow. If I had a day off “work” I would be able to fester on the sofa, drinking lucozade and dozing, ready to go all guns blazing, like this

again over the weekend. Ho hum.

This isn’t a dig at anyone or anything really, this is just a “mums who get poorly and are stay at home mums don’t get sick days” nod. This is a nod of solidarity to all those mothers out there who get where I am coming from.




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6 Responses to 28 Hours Later

  1. Han too says:

    Totally, we had it last weekend. I’ve just had two colds and a chest infection that had me on steroid tablets. Still up at 6am and not stopping until 8pm. I am now so knackered I would give all of my worldly for a day off!

    • Hannah says:

      Big hugs to you. Safety in numbers! We are not alone!
      Are you managing any rest? You must. You need it more than most

  2. Nikki says:

    A nod back from the Downs household! Paul too had to take a day off to help, both girls throwing up all over the place, 3 hours later back to normal. This was not the case with me! I did fail in the not wearing pj’s to leave the house. Had to go to asda for bleach, washing tablets and chicken soup. Went in pj’s with hair unbrushed, probably smelling of sick! I decided the energy I would use to brush hair and get changed was better used looking after children! How I long for a sick day! Hope you are all recovered now, x

    • Hannah says:

      As I was writing this post I was thinking of you! Had heard about your followings on Fb. Hope you are better now xxx

  3. Oh no, D&V hit you guys BAD! Hope you’re all feeling better by now. If it makes you feel better, I think the puppy has given me worms 🙂

    P.s. I’m posting this using my Facebook login – hope you like the new feature I added to the site.

    • Hannah says:

      Oh god – worms…is this a JOKE?!!!
      Luckily it was just the sumit and not the base camp for us, if ya know whadda I mean!
      Fb login…maybe we should talk about this over email? What does it mean?? *curious face*
      ps) I love that puppy. I love him. I want him.

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