Warning – this blog comes with a lot of gloating.

Our Father’s Day this year (note the “our”, me not having a penis and all) was AMAZING. Not only am I getting some posh scran as a finalist at the MAD Blogging Awards in September, I was also given a VIP family pass to LEGOLAND for me and the other Smith team members. And We. Were. Spoilt. Utterly spoilt. People reading this post are probably going to hate us. Probably nearly as much as the people who hated us when we walked in front of them, smiled apologetically (the first few times anyway), flashed a gold VIP band and went round and round and round as many times as we wanted to on whatever we wanted to. I’d hate us. Feel free to hate us. I actually do hate us a little bit….No, that’s not true. I love us.

We got to run around like Verruca Salt and Mike TV, Augustus Gloop and Charlie. DOING WHATEVER WE WANTED. And no one told us

“No”. To anything.

Do you hate us yet? I understand. Let’s do this through pictures – you can’t hate pictures. You definitely can’t hate this ed legoland 2AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Thank you LEGOLAND, the Pirate Falls ride (check out the inertia on that hair!), The Mad Blog Awards and THE UNIVERSE for bringing this photo into my life.

Additionally, this happened at the funky 4d cinema LEGOLAND have lego cool dude Men looking cool in 4D specs. 4D – that’s like, people throwing shaving foam at your head and telling you it’s snowing. It’s also a lot like waiting for Deano from Gavin and Stacey to run through the cinema shouting “THE FOAM’S COMING!”.

This happened on the water ridelegoland smuCould the wet arse have been avoided on a water ride? No.

Could this camp pose have been avoided and not revealed in a public place? Yes.

I feel Alex’s face says it all;

“What’s wrong with you?”


A big gold star should be awarded to the staff, who were so polite. It was like we were in America or something – staff that are actually nice to you and helpful? And who smile? Yes yes yes, I know, weird right?

It was an awesome day – thank you to those who made it possible for us to be VIPs. I dread the day we take the boys back and we are not VIPs. Man – they are in for a shock. Do LEGOLAND routinely change their VIP wrist band colours? Like at the local swimming pool? Because I have saved mine. And I am not above sticking it back on with sellotape, acting confident and cocky and breezing my way round.

This is of course a joke.


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6 Responses to Legoland

  1. Susan Lucas says:

    A joke huh..

  2. bonniecroft says:

    do you know what I love the fact that you all had the chance to be VIP’s and I love the fact that you lapped it up x. good for you blooming smashing xxx

  3. nylonliving says:

    I’d love to do VIP Legoland!!! It’s such a hellish experience otherwise. Good on you!!!

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