My Big Ginger House Challenge 2012 – The Results Are In

A few weeks ago I got my Christmassy vibe on and announced I was going to run a gingerbread house competition on my blog (I’d had a couple of wines). People went


for a night or two…

And then it got very, very quiet…

For weeks…

And I had a little panic, because I had been banging on and on and on about this competition for and suddenly people were ignoring my emails and texts. On the plus side, it looked like I was going to win it. Because mine was the only entry…

So I had a couple more wines and planned to shut down the whole blog in embarrassment and disappear from social media during the night like a renter in serious arrears.

Not really.

But then, well, all of a sudden, little bits of Christmassy spirit started to fly my way, via emails, and facebook and twitter. I started getting messages from people saying their kitchen looked like it was sponsored by Tate and Lyle icing sugar, that the shares in Jelly Tots must have rocketed this past week because they had bought ALL THE JELLY TOTS IN THE WORLD, and lets be honest, a few rather curt messages from people cursing me for getting them in to this. You know who you are…. *narrows eyes*

What was really lovely was having people send me photos of their structures half way through, mess everywhere, and things falling off and breaking. Because it showed me people were having a giggle and that made me happy. What was really lovely was a family telling me they had so much fun this year that they are going to run a gingerbread house competition amongst themselves every Christmas from now on and were starting a new family tradition. WHACK.

Anyway. I am going to shut up now and just let the photos do the talking. Have a looksee at these little beauties…

“Surf Shop”. Entry by Sarah Poulton






“Gingerbread house”. Entry by Liz Bartlett








“The Three Little Pigs”. Entry by Janey Radcliffe







“My Gingerbread Igloo of Glory!”. Entry by Cas from Mummy Never Sleeps








Entry by Stefanie McLoughlin and Emily Galt

Entry by Stefanie McLoughlin and Emily Galt







“Gingerbead Apple I Store”. By James Lucas and family







“Gingerbread Castle with Tumbledown Turret”. By Smudge Smith









“Merry-go-round”. Entry by Emily Galt and Stefanie McLoughlin









‘Mayan Zombie Apocalypse Gingerbread House’. Entry by Steven Radcliffe









Entry by Loren Bradbury








“Gingerbread House”. Entry by Lynne Smith








“The Gruffalo’s Child”. Entry by me


























































So there you have it – this years entries. I was so very, very glad I didn’t have to judge this competition. I really don’t think I could have managed to pick a winner. It sounds contrived but I think each and every one of these entries is awesome. The work that has gone it to them is something to marvel at alone. Thanks everyone who took part in this – it has warmed my heart. Plus, a couple of them have warmed the hearts of Danny and Cathryn from this years The Great British Bake Off who saw them and marvelled also (seriously!!).

Our Judge, Jo (@GobbyMcFeck) spent about 12 hours looking at these entries. I had emails from her asking could she do a 1st, 2nd and 3rd? Could she have a winner on skill, and a winner on cutsie-ness, and a winner on originality? I laughed in her face, happy that this horrific decision was not mine and told her NO.

And so, without anymore faff and flounce, and because when she opened it she went (I quote)

“OH MY GOD THAT IS SO F*CKING COOL!”, the winner of this years My Big Ginger House Challenge is…

‘Mayan Zombie Apocalypse Gingerbread House’. Entry by Steven Radcliffe

Well done! Gobby did say though that she thought they were all amazing and that some of you should be doing this professionally. So, well done everyone! HUZZAH! See you for next years competition!

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5 Responses to My Big Ginger House Challenge 2012 – The Results Are In

  1. wow! these are fantastic!!!!

  2. YEAH! WOOP WOOP. This is brilliant. I really can’t believe it and am very chuffed right now. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to a few people. 1) Thanks to my mum, who taught me that a zombie isn’t just for the apocalypse, but can be for Christmas too. 2) Thanks to my old friend (and actor / writer extraordinaire air) Jeff Turner, who gave me the Zombie idea in the first place. 3) Thank you to my wife, Janey, who although was in direct competition with me, gave me tips and advice on the baking / construction of my house. And 4) Thank you to Hannah, who organised the whole thing in the first place. Janey and I had lots of fun with this challenge and have vowed to adopt it as a family Christmas tradition. I’m just not sure if we’ll be able to eat all this gingerbread now 🙂

  3. bonniecroft says:

    wow they are amazing . Flipping heck what talent is out there .
    In the the way of the Brownies( Hannah remembers this well ).clap your hands and
    say well done well done well done xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. HUZZAH! Well done Steve 🙂 and thanks again Han Pants, had much fun! And we’re TOTALLY gonna do this again next year, and kick some arse xx

  5. tee2072 says:

    I completely forgot! I was going to enter. ::hangs head in shame::

    These are fab and I *love* the winner.

    Well done everyone.

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