Part 9. A child prodigy…

“Look for a star, look for a star the napkin said….a child prodigy is on his way…” said Marcus

“A child…a prodigy…It must be Justin Beiber! Come on Marcus! Run! Run like the wind!” said Darren

“Ride the sheep! Ride the sheep!” yelled Marcus

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2 Responses to Part 9. A child prodigy…

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh Han, please stop!!! I’ll be having this baby early through laughing too hard. Justin Bieber? So wrong!! But so incredibly funny! You so need to send this to a publisher ;0) xxx

    • HA! I am so pleased it makes you laugh. Please do fwd on to other people if you want to. Now I have a bit of confidence about it (have been writing it for a year now but not put anything online) i am quite keen to get as many followers as possible x

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