A month or so back I shamelessly ripped off that episode of The Great British Bake Off where they made gingerbread buildings, and created a competition of my own called And tonight I cut the ribbon, sound the alarm, release my flying monkeys and announce it is time to get spicy! It’s … Continue reading

My Big Ginger House

Challenge, extended. By “My Big Ginger House” I don’t mean a house full of gingers. I may be 3/4’s there in succeeding to have a house full of gingers, but no, I am not swapping my husband for Eric Stoltz (DAMMIT! Why God, why not?!). This is a blog which is 100% inspired/ shamelessly … Continue reading

The Hannah Smith Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too

Flashback to 1994. I have braces, my forehead is disproportionatly large for my face, I am wearing navy culottes, I have a framed picture of Eric Stoltz in my oversized Head Bag and I am in my middle school history lesson where we are learning about American History. Mr C is making us all read in … Continue reading