My Big Ginger House Challenge 2012 – The Results Are In

A few weeks ago I got my Christmassy vibe on and announced I was going to run a gingerbread house competition on my blog (I’d had a couple of wines). People went “HUZZAAAAAAH!” for a night or two… And then it got very, very quiet… For weeks… And I had a … Continue reading

The Wise Shop Keeper Said…

3 weeks before Christmas “Hellooo me dear!” says the merry, beaming, broad Irish accented shop assistant, scanning my bag of carrots. “Hello!” I say “Gosh! Busy in here, isn’t it? People are going mental for the Christmas offers aren’t they?” as I sheepishly load 5 tubes of Pringles (for Christmas of course) in to my … Continue reading

My Big Ginger House

Challenge, extended. By “My Big Ginger House” I don’t mean a house full of gingers. I may be 3/4’s there in succeeding to have a house full of gingers, but no, I am not swapping my husband for Eric Stoltz (DAMMIT! Why God, why not?!). This is a blog which is 100% inspired/ shamelessly … Continue reading