SAHM (Stay At Home Malingerer)

It’s Alex’s first proper, proper, proper day at playschool today, without me skulking about in the shadows, making sure the playschool teachers to child ratio remains intact. As I left him in the care of someone other than me, I avoided all eye contact with other mothers, friends of mine, who … Continue reading

A blog bubble and squeak

This Christmas I gave myself a little Christmas present. I wrapped it up, put it in a bag, and squirrelled it away. Not until Christmas morning, but until New Years Day. It was my laptop. Because as much as I love blogging, and I really do love it, I just needed … Continue reading

My night time life…

“Oooooh! Bed time!” I say, to my husband “Ooooh, I will be right up!” he replies, with a knowing wink. I slide under the duvet, excited and wondering what adventures will befall me tonight. Smudge walks in to the bedroom… With two cups of decaf tea. “Thanks! Oh nice!” *nods towards … Continue reading

It’s HannahTime. How many times can I say the “M” word?

Ba ba ba, ba ba, baaaaa (my kids) cant touch this! My husband recently went away for a few days and walked mountains for tits. You know this already of course. But he also went away and took our kids with him, dropping them off at Granny and Grampy’s house for … Continue reading