12 Days of HannahMas

I am getting my merry jolly happy Chrimbo on.         On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, An uninterupted wee! On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me, Two inches off my bum And an uninterputed wee! On the … Continue reading

Ma – this one is for you

My mum, who it feels like lives a gazillion miles away (she only really lives 100 miles away) said she liked last weeks round-up blog because it made her feel like she had been “part of” our week. So ma, this one is for you. Monday 1pm. Ed finds old pocket … Continue reading

It’s been a funny old week

Monday Ed wakes up poorly. Smudge goes to work. I become poorly. New bed arrives for spare room. Call Smudge home from work as Ed ill, I’m ill and Alex pacing the front room like a caged animal. Roaring. Actually roaring. Husband is a trooper and comes home. I go … Continue reading

*Jazz hands*

It is Saturday and 7pm. I am doing my lunges in the lounge. I have my rehydration liquid (wine) and energy food (kettle chips) on the coffee table next to me. It is exercise time. *sits down and turns on BBC1*. Lets Dance for comic relief is back on TV. … Continue reading