Humans And Bananas

Halloween has inspired me! I saw a small child dressed head to toe in fancy dress oozing blood and gore and guts (all together now – awwwwww), stumbling about in the street at 4pm like a well seasoned drunk and it got me thinking….Like the human and the banana, kids … Continue reading

What have they got in there? King Kong?

“Excellent!” said Smudge, holding Alex at arms length and angling Alex’s puffy-all-in-one-snowsuited body so that his feet were shoved in my face. “The very first step out of the car and it is into some sort of indeterminable poo.” “For goodness sakes, Smudge” I hiss “It’s a zoo! It’s not the … Continue reading

SAHM (Stay At Home Malingerer)

It’s Alex’s first proper, proper, proper day at playschool today, without me skulking about in the shadows, making sure the playschool teachers to child ratio remains intact. As I left him in the care of someone other than me, I avoided all eye contact with other mothers, friends of mine, who … Continue reading